Monday, February 15, 2010

Paris Inspiration

Coco Chanel knew about luxury: its all in the details. The handcrafted beauty of a carved antique chair ,unique objects that remind you that you deserve the very best; objects like these pamper you. My shop Hula Gypsy is very reminiscent of a little apartment in Paris, I am very inspired by all things French! Lovely beaded fabric, velvet gloves and vintage roses from old hats adorn the shop.....I try to find little touches of satin,silk and ribbon everywhere you turn! Have you ever noticed how gorgeous you feel when you wear that velvet cocktail dress,silk scarf or satin negligee? So if you feel like whisking away to a parisian cottage- stop in Hula Gypsy and say "Bonjour!"

have a tres bien du jour! Anna

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