Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Arrivals to Hula Gypsy

Aloha! Here are some amazing new items in my shop.....Please email me at for more info...Some are vintage some anthropologie  some silks from Italy some hand made but they all have a common theme- french romantic Loveliness!!!!

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  1. Hi Anna ! Blayne's mom here ! AKA (MAUI MOM to Blayne and his friends now )! lol
    I am still on the mainland ~ guh ~ Cold here, but the colors of fall are Glorious!
    Love, love, LOVE your little shop and can't wait to stop in again soon! (still wanting to pick up that crocheted top and lace skirt that I am hoping will be there when I get back to Lahaina)~ I may have to have Blayne run up there for me ! You have my number... send me a text luv! See you soon! hugs Pam (Walsh) Warren