Monday, November 2, 2009

Dreaming of Christmas

 We had a fun Halloween (I will post pictures soon!) but now my heart is heavy.....another Christmas without my mom and dad......I spent every one with them my whole life up until their recent passing on. I guess that is why I love it reminds me of them! All the wonderful memories come back when I smell pine trees ,hear old Christmas songs or watch old movies......I miss them all year round but the holidays are the time I think of their smiles,their huge hearts and generosity. From up in heaven please know that every one I spent with you was magical and blessed! Mele Kalikimaka,Merry Christmas is coming soon.......know how much I love you !!!

Any stories to share about why you love the holidays? Love to hear!!!!

Have a jingle bell kind of day....Aloha,Anna


  1. Hello sweet Anna... I too have precious memories of Christmas as a little girl, and I miss my mama and daddy and my sister Jo so very much... it seems like at Christmas we feel even closer to our family who has passed on... they watch over us with love... I am emailing you as well... my beautiful package arrived today! Check you email... Bisous... Julie Marie

  2. Sorry about all my typos... I was so excited about my package from you I was typing fast and misspelled words! xoxo Julie Marie