Monday, October 26, 2009


When my daughter Rachel told me she was going as Audrey Hepburn for Halloween I was so excited!!! Not only is she my all time favorite actress she was such a loving humanitarian! Being 5 foot 10 and size 4, my daughter will be stunning with her hair pulled up in a French twist, accented with a tiara....The long black gloves, black signature tank dress, strands of pearls and big sunglasses will emulate her so beautifully!! My mother loved to put me and my sisters hair up in beehive twists back in 1962...ok we were 8! All the kids laughed at us...we cried....Ill never forget coming home once from school, I told my mom the kids said I had an ashtray on the top of my head!!! They said I looked stupid....She told me to say "the feeling is mutual!" I said that to the other bullies and they were so confused that they stopped picking on me....If you are listening up in Heaven right now Mama-that was great advise...I never told you but I wish I had....

Have a wonderful" TIffany" Day ALOHA ANNA


  1. Oh Anna, what a beautiful post! I am sure Rachel will be stunning! Please post a picture of her! I am also sure you and your sister were stunning with your hair up in twists... the others were probably sooo jealous of you...jealousy brings out the ugliness in a person, so they were mean to you... I could put one of my famous "spells" on them, non???... Yes, your mama had good advice... mamas always do... love to you! Bisous... Julie Marie