Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Featuring Pam Claussen

I was looking through Victoria Magazine when my heart started pounding as I cam across Pam Claussen's story! Wow what a fantasy! Do you ever find someones designs that you feel so connected to? That is how I felt about Pam....After a few emails back and forth we both agree we are kindred spirits and hopefully will actually be working together in the future.You have to stop by and visit Pam Claussen at Glambypam-her unique headpieces,bridal accessories and gifts are definitely swoonworthy!


  1. Definitely interesting... and I love her vintage mannequins also!

  2. Hello Anna, thanks for sharing a special memory of your daddy with me today on my blog... how precious...those photos look beautiful... they must be in the November Victoria which I haven't received yet... how fun for you to team up with her! I love your purses! (and the very special thought behind them relating to your daddy)... Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. That is so cool you contacted her. Love to see what you guys work on together!

  4. Hello Anna! Thank you for visiting my blog. You live in Hawaii.. lucky you! I've watched shows and seen pics of Hawaii and I love the place. It is definitely the country I would love to visit in this life. Do you live near the beach?

    Good luck in your handbag business! :)