Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gypsy Trinkets

Ever since High School I have loved all gyspy style trinkets.......anything with rhinestones, a hidden romantic story behind the unique piece,whatever it may be. I collected jewelry boxes,purses,mirrors,poetry and even old photos of gypsy ladies dancing with tambourines by a campfire! The story behind them seemed so mysterious and a little dangerous. I have always traveled alot and moved many times so my family used to call me a gypsy.Since I live in Hawaii ,Hula Gypsy seemed to fit well. Any stories to share about things they loved growing up that influenced them to be who they are today? Have a gypsy good day! Anna

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  1. Oooh Anna, another similarity in our lives! Guess which I Love Lucy is my favorite??? (I know you love Lucy too!)... when she was "Queen of the Gypsies"! I even said that I did her gypsy dance in my blog (the post dated Sept 29th) I also did a post I called the Sarong Sisters, check my post dated Sept. 16th, it is too long to put it in your comments, but so reminds me of what you are saying in todays post! My favorite old Andy Griffith show was when the gypsies came into Mayberry. When I was in dance as a little girl, we had tambourines and I pretended I was a gypsy! I will email you more... do not want to take up all of your comments space! Please show some of your gypsy treasures, pretty please!!! Love to you! Bisous... Julie Marie