Thursday, October 8, 2009

A tribute to Ariana

After publishing an ad for seamstress wanted I instantly hired Ariana. She was truly sent to me from heaven as I couldnt have asked for a more talented and sweet girl. I sent her this picture of a girl from the 18oos and she agreed it looked so much like her she added it as her screensaver! She is very articulate in her sewing and also helps me with color coordination for brooches and lining. She is currently a fashion major at Maui Community College and has recently had some of her designs of skirts in the college fashion show! I will blog about that later when I get some photos....her skirts are amazing! I think we make a great team and wanted to give her recognition and thanks for all she does! MAHALO ARIANA !


  1. Hello Anna, what a beautiful picture... please post one of Ariana too! She sounds like such a lovely lady... Bisous... Julie Marie

  2. Anna,
    What a wonderful post. Beautiful picture. I sew myself so I can appreciate Ariana's hard work. Do post additional photos sometime. Would love to see!